My love for photography began as early as I can remember.  My father was a photojournalist in the United States Army.  He worked on several publications of the Stars and Stripes newspaper, including the Pacific version in Tokyo, Japan and he taught editing classes at the Pentagon.  I can still remember the smell of his pillowed nylon camera bag with it’s many compartments, secret zippers and canisters of film.  I used to love poring over his albums, soaking up every sharp detail.  So for me, photography runs deep, and I believe that if you have a passion for doing something you absolutely love, you could learn to do anything.  I aspire to be as great as he someday.
I grew up near the Washington DC area and moved to Daphne, Alabama in 2016.  It was a long leap, but I truly love it here and believe me when I tell you, there is no sunset like an Alabama sunset!  In addition to photography, I love to travel, sight-see, beachcomb, eat and will never pass up a good cup of coffee.  I love to experience all different cultures and meet new people.  But most of all, I love the sun.  The warmth and color just seems to make everyone joyful.  I appreciate every day I am given and I believe everything in life happens for a reason.
I shoot with a Nikon D600, but have many instruments in my arsenal, including my dad’s old Nikon F2 Film camera!  All of my edits are done in Lightroom and Photoshop.  I take my camera with me everywhere I go, and never miss an opportunity to shoot.  And if you are in my area, I would love to work with you!